Southport Elementary Pickleball Volunteers (end of March) – THANK YOU

This volunteer group just wrapped up at the end of March. What a wonderful experience for the kids.

A great big thank you to all the Pickleball Volunteers who gave pickleball instruction to the children at Southport Elementary.  You were so giving of your time and patience! 

For those who weren’t at the school during the second week, you should know that the students cheered when they saw the pickleball nets up and realized they were going to get to play again. 

It was amazing to see how many hands went up when we asked who had played pickleball before and how many were going to play over Spring Break!  The children were truly grateful. You all need to be recognized for your hard work. I know there were some naps taken on days you volunteered!

-Alicia Mastropietro
-Joe Mastropietro
-Scott Hettinger
-Marilou Rubright
-Cheryl Giese
-Joe Giese
-Sheryl Hill
-Mary Heatherly
-Scott Nasiff
-Katy Nasiff
-Leslie Saralino
-Nancy Jorgensen
-Karen Fania
-Jim Fania
-Eileen Kopunek
-Kathy Kunze
-Sandy Schach
-Wendy Casterline

Extra thanks from Cindy Hettinger for your help and flexibility!