10 Must Know Pickleball Rules

  1. The serve must be underhand.
  2. Both the serve and the return of serve must bounce.
  3. The first side to serve in doubles pickleball only has one serve: then, each side has two serves.
  4. Only the serving team can score points, and the serving team switches side of the court after each point won.
  5. The serve must call the score loudly before each serve.
  6. No volleys are allowed in the Non-Volley Zone (also known as the Kitchen).
  7. Shots after the pickleball bounces are allowed in the Non-Volley Zone.
  8. Shots on the lines of the pickleball court are generally “in”, with one exception – the Non-Volley Zone line on the serve (because it is considered part of the Non-Volley Zone).
  9. “Out” calls are made by the pickleball players on the side of the pickleball court where the pickleball bounces.
  10. If the pickleball hits you, then you lose the rally.

Court Sign-up

If you are not using a court you reserved, remember to delete your sign up.  Folks are complaining about empty courts that are reserved.  Your friends are also trying to organize a time to play.

Participating in Events

Events are planned based on your committed registration. If you cannot make this commitment for the full 1.5 hours due to scheduling or for health reasons, please cancel your registration.