St. Patrick’s Day Event Pictures

Nothing but positive feedback.  Even the very strong gusts of wind could not put a damper on the day.  

People brought great food and great fun.  It was really fantastic to see all the SJPA members having such a fun time playing. 

Great job to Andy and Kathy Goliszek for laying all the groundwork leading up to this event.  We were sorry not to see them there due to a last-minute illness and sincerely hope all is well.

A very big THANK YOU to Joe Bietz, Andrea Velez and Robyn Smith for jumping right in to save the day.  They did a wonderful job of getting the day all set up and keeping things running smoothly.

We all also owe a big THANK YOU to Carolyn Gaziano, who took a lot of pictures during the event. Here is a link to all of the photos that Carolyn took:

Again, many thanks again to Andy, Kathy, Robyn, Andrea and Joe for a fantastic team effort putting together a great event.