The #1 Move to AVOID in Pickleball

What is the #1 Move to Avoid in Pickleball? This is a great question and of course, there are many good answers, but this was an answer that Scott Hettinger provided.

Do you want to be a better player? Do you want to move from2.5 to 3.0, 3.0 to 3.5, 3.5 to 4.0 or 4.0 to 4.5? Do you want to be a successful doubles pickleball partner?  HERE IS THE NUMBER ONE MOVE TO AVOID…………….

                                                          The Eye Roll

So… your partner popped it up for the 5th time… your partner hammered the ball into the net… again… your partner hits that easy kill shot into the parking lot… etc., etc., etc. We’ve all been there. Resist the urge to give the EYE ROLL. Your partner is doing their best. They didn’t try to pop it up, slam it into the net or crack a windshield in the parking lot. Give them some encouragement. They already feel bad about it. They are doing their best at that moment.  

It certainly isn’t going to improve their play by giving the condescending EYE ROLL or other disparaging moves like mumbling under your breath or dropping your head in disgust.  How about we tell them “No worries you’ll get the next one. That was a tough shot, keep at it you’re doing ok! Good try on that one. You’ll get it.”   Just remember… if you are the best 3.0 and move up to the 3.5 level, you aren’t the best anymore. You are probably starting out at the bottom of that next level.  You might be the one popping it up, hitting the net or the back fence for a while. Do you now want to be on the receiving end of that EYE ROLL? I think not!!!

So, let’s all remember that pickleball is for fun. We aren’t making a living off of it. We are playing with all our friends and neighbors, and we enjoy their company. Don’t lose sight of that fact. Be a better partner. Be a better player. Be a better friend. Just a thought for your day………………….

Scott Hettinger