How to Use the St James Pickleball Website

All of the pages in our website are important. They all contain something that you were looking for, needed the information for, wanted to register for, or it may even answer an argument from the pickleball courts.

On the homepage:

  • Note the navigation toolbar is on every page
  • Our main image changes frequently based on what’s happening
  • Next – We have three featured columns
  • Just under the featured content – One of the most important sections is the “Latest Posts” it contains the most current information from our community and within our website
  • Next to the “Latest Posts” is a list of current Events

Find out more in our short video: How to use website

BONUS!!! Win 3 Pickleballs!

Be on the lookout for an EASTER EGG!
An Easter Egg is hidden code or images placed in the website, on a CD, or in an appliance by the developer. Typically it requires a series of keystrokes or inputting code to reveal an Easter Egg. 

BUT in our circumstance, it will be a hyperlink to a claim form, or it may be a very small picture of an egg that links to a claim form. It is your job to find the link or a picture of the egg, click on either and then fill out the form to claim your 3 FREE PICKLEBALLS.

NOTE: Should someone find the Easter Egg (or link), and claim it, and then should it turn into a mass uncovering of the hidden Easter Egg, the first person find and fill out the form wins. There will be several on the website throughout the year.