Around the Post (ATP)

What an interesting ball return. You’re dinking in the non-volley zone. The ball goes wider and wider, and the next thing you know you are pulled way off the court for an unbelievable get. But instead of returning the ball in a dink fashion back across the net, you are so wide and so low off the court you look up and see an open shot to the rear, baseline section of the opponent’s court. BAM! you just hit your first ATP.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

11.K.1. A ball contacting the net, the net cable, or rope
between the net posts remains in play.
11.L. The Net.
11.L.1. The net and the wires or strings holding up the net
are positioned (mostly) on the court. Therefore, if the
ball strikes the top of the net or strikes the top net
wire or string and lands inbounds, it remains in play.
11.L.2. If the ball travels between the net and the net post, it
is a fault against the striking player.