Member Appreciation EVENTS

November 16 @ 3:30 pm – 5:30 pm

Kim & Adam invite you to challenge us.

There will be 2 opportunities for you to teach us a thing or two. We look forward to your challenge and having fun with you on the court. You have an advantage
because Adam and I have never played together! We encourage all levels of play to take advantage of this opportunity. We, as the pros, promise to play in a way that challenges your level of play, whatever that may be.

Both events: Challenge the Pros, Drop Shot Challenge will be held at the Greg Rymer Courts. The Franklin Ball will be used. Prizes will be on hand.

EVENT #1: Challenge the Pros – Wednesday 16th from 3:30 – 5:30 pm

There are many ways of winning, the first is by participating! I want this to be fun for every challenging team/player.

Kim & Adam invite you to challenge them to a 10 minute game. Challengers can be:
— Mixed team
— Women’s team
— Men’s team
It’s up to you!!

*Our schedule will have 1-2 minutes between games
*Our time will allow for up to 10 teams to challenge
*You may play on 1 team only
*As each team arrives, we ask you to use your paddles to determine order of play
*Arrive early to be one of the first challengers
*You can place your paddle in queue once both of you are present

For this to run smoothly we’d like to see at least 3 teams in queue
by 3:30, and 3-4 after that.

Play will begin promptly at 3:30pm.

I have my partner’s information I want to sign up now to Challenge the Pro!

EVENT #2: DROP SHOT CHALLENGE – Thursday 17th from 1:30 – 2:30 pm

Kim & Adam will feed balls & provide targets which are tomato cages, for you to hit &/or sink your drop shot from various areas of the court.

How we will play the game:
–If you, the player, successfully hits or sinks a ball at or into the
cage from a particular area, then the pro is given 3 chances to do the same.
–If the pro can match the shot, then the score is even (think Corn Hole).
–Pros feed all balls and pros alternate turns to even out the score.

There are four time slots and eight people per time slot.
First start time:
–1:30pm (sign up)
–1:45pm (sign up)
–2:00pm (sign up)
–Last: 2:15pm (sign up)

Open to ONLY 8 different players every 15 minutes. Please sign up for a time

–Sport or Golf Membership
–SJPA paid member