BATTLE OF THE PADDLE – The Results Are In (incl. pictures)

Well, you couldn’t ask for better weather. And you couldn’t ask for a better group of pickleball players. It was an exciting weekend with lots of fun drills and competitive pickleball games.

  • Thanks to Scott Hettinger for organizing and planning every step of this event. I know it took days of work.
  • Thanks to Scott’s captains:
    –1st Place – Blue Dragons: Cathy Rollins / Pat Allred
    –2nd Place – Red Riders: Chris Camplin / Mary Brown
    –3rd Place – Silver Bullets: Jeff Franken / Dick Cournoyer
    –Spirit Award – Mellow Yellow: Robyn Smith / Darin Denzler
  • Thanks to the Liz Wilson and the Social Committee for organizing the snacks, food and banquet.
  • Thanks to Carolyn Gaziano for taking pictures of the tournament play! (Link will be at the bottom of the page.)
  • Thanks to Dan Heatherly for setting up the PA system and playing music!
  • Thanks to Al Hausmann for taking the banquet pictures. (Link will be at the bottom of the page.)

Below you will find the list of people and the awards they won. As well as the finalists.

Tournament Results:

Top individual scores for each skill in the skills competition
Court 1 – Deep Serve  =  Andy Goliszek  21 points
Court 2 – Deep Return =  Kathleen Melnyk  22 points
Court 3 – 3rd Shot Drop = Deb Chiarello  43 points
Court 4 – Ski Ball = Donna Cinotti  200 points
Court 5 – Lob = Liz Wilson & Andrea Velez  42 points
Court 6 – Volley = Dan Heatherly  99 points
Court 7 – Cross Ct Drive = Kat Blankenhorn  5 points
Court 8 – 3rd Shot Drive =Tony Rollins, Jeff Franken & Dick Cournoyer  5 points

Top 3 Highest total combined points for all 8 skills
3rd Place        Mike Melnyk  234 points
2nd Place       Lynn Norris      249 points
1st Place        Donna Cinotti  289 points

 Top 3 Highest total  combined points for 7 skills (minus the ski ball)
3rd Place     Deb Chiarello  147 points
2nd Place     Jim McCarthy  166 points 
1st Place      Dan Heatherly  167 points

 Team Standings for the SKILLS COMPETITION
4th Place    Mellow Yellow with 1748 points =  1 bean
3rd Place    Red Riders with 2004 points =  2 beans
2nd Place    Silver Bullets with 2402 points=   3 beans
1st Place     Blue Dragons with 2701 points=   4 beans

This year’s winners of the Battle for the Paddle 2-day Team Tournament:
Spirit Award –  Mellow Yellow (On behalf of Mount Olive pickle company)
3rd Place – with 77 total points – The Silver Bullets
2nd Place – with 79 total points – The Red Riders
1st  Place – with 98 total points – The Blue Dragons