A Few More Questions Have Come in About Line Calls

“Code of Ethics” for Line Calls in Pickleball

  1. Only make line calls on your side of the pickleball court and always strive for accuracy.
  2. Only call ‘”out” balls when space is clearly visible between the line and where the pickleball lands.
  3. Call “out” ball promptly.
  4. Use voice and/or hand signals to call “out” balls.
  5. Give the benefit of doubt to your opponents.
  6. If you and your partner disagree, then the ball is “in”.
  7. Spectators should not make any line calls, especially if this is at a match.
  8. Do not question opponents’ line calls unless there is a referee.
  9. You may ask your opponents to make a line call (but then you give up your right to make the call and, if you opponents cannot make the call, the call is automatically ruled “in”.
  10. AN “out” call prior to the pickleball bouncing will be deemed partner communication and not a line call.
  11. You may overrule a line call that is to your disadvantage (and in favor of your opponents) at any time.