A very exciting and successful evening full of music, raffles and friends.

THANKS to The Salty Dawgs band, the headliner for the evening, donating all their time and music to a worthy cause.

All together from the $10 admission fee and $1810 collected from the raffle baskets, the SJPA raised a total of $3325 for Matthew’s Ministry. The Social Committee did an excellent job organizing the event.

Matthew’s Ministry began in August 2010 when a teacher submitted a prayer request to a local Moms In Touch group. The prayer stated, “Please pray for a child in my class that does not have food at home to eat.” Kristie Disbrow, a local mom, returned to the teacher and asked if her family could donate food to help this child. She quickly learned that many children in the school did not have food at home. Kristie emailed friends, told them about this need, and set up a collection bin on her porch. Many donated food to this cause, and teachers, social workers, and guidance counselors distributed food to hungry children and their families.