Welcome 2022 Board Members

We are pleased to announce our new Board Members for 2022. Please be sure to congratulate them the next time you see them.

President: Sharen Hausmann
Vice President: Deb Chiarello
Treasurer: Kathy McArthur
Secretary: Mary Heatherly

ByLaws Were Approved for 2022

You can access and read a copy of the ByLaws on the SJPA website under the category Pickleball Docs. This is a Brief explanation of changes made to ByLaws: 

  • References to the POA website were replace with the SJPA website. 
  • The SJPA website may also be referred to as the pickleball website or the website. 
  • Web Master (Communications and Web Master may be one person performing both chairs.)
  • Revision Dates were updated.
  • Webmaster chair position was added.
  • Sunshine Club chair position was added.