UPDATE: Inter-Community League September 6 – November 17

St. James Pickleball players are participating in the first event of this kind in our area: Inter-Community Pickleball League, from September 6th through November 17th. The teams are participating in the South Conference which includes St. James, Brunswick Forest, Winding River, and Waterford.  Play is being held at each of the participating teams’ locations, with playoffs at the HOP. Twenty-eight (28) games will be played in each round and includes both daytime and evening play, 

SJPA has two 3.5 men & women combined teams and one 3.0 team. Each match consists of men’s, women’s, and mixed doubles play. Captains Andrea Velez, Sandy Schach, Eileen Lynch, and Susan Perette will determine each week which players compete in each match.

The current standings, as of week 6, are:

3.5 LEAGUE                   WINS      LOSSES

St James – Jimmies           110            58

Brunswick Forest                 86            82

St James – Saints                71            97

Winding River                     55           113


Waterford                          127             41

Brunswick Forest                94             74

Winding River                     78             90

St James                            31           137