The Spring Compass Draw Pickleball Tournament League

The Spring Compass Draw Pickleball Tournament League will start on Tuesday, February 14th (Valentine’s Day!). 

What better way to show your favorite Valentine how much you care than playing mixed doubles Pickleball?

We are in the process of setting up the tournament brackets and, once we open up registration, we will email everyone to let them know.  In the meantime, we need everyone to please verify their current rating on the website.

Check the Accuracy of Your Current Rating

With the widespread availability and adoption of “universal” Pickleball ratings (i.e., Dynamic Universal Pickleball Rating, DUPR), we have modified our rating system to allow you to select the range your rating falls into, rather than a fixed rating.  The range you select will determine which events you are allowed to register for, as shown in the following table:

Rating Range*Tournament Division
2.00 – 2.742.5
2.75 – 3.243.0
3.25 – 3.743.5
3.75 – 4.244.0
4.25 – 4.744.5

* These are general guidelines; rules in specific divisions may vary.

We have automatically converted your current rating to the rating range using the table above.  However, we need EVERYONE to verify the new rating is correct (or modify it) by logging to the website,   and clicking on the Profile Button to either verify their rating is correct or to update it to the correct range.  You can also modify any other contact information that has changed.  Once you do this, you will be able to view tournaments in progress and will also be able to register for new tournaments when they open.

The best way to give yourself an accurate rating is to register on to establish their official Pickleball rating.  It is completely free!  DUPR stands for Dynamic Universal Pickleball Rating.  Here is a link to an article explaining what it is:  You can enter scores from ANY of your matches against other DUPR members, including your Compass Draw Pickleball matches to help you establish your rating.

Don’t Have a DUPR Rating?

No problem!  You don’t have to have a DUPR rating in order to participate in the Compass Draw Pickleball Tournament League.  You can self-rate by getting evaluated by a Certified Pickleball Teaching Instructor or even by just getting input from the people you play with. 

What Happens if my Rating Changes?

Once you have registered for a tournament division, you can play at that level, even if your rating changes.  If your rating changes, you can request your rating to be modified by sending us an email.  We may also open up opportunities to self-change ratings between tournaments (like we are doing now).

Which DUPR Rating Should I Use – Singles or Doubles?

Right now, Compass Draw only allows one rating.  Since most players play doubles, you should use your doubles DUPR rating if you have one.  Otherwise, your singles rating is OK. 

Can I Ever Play in a Division Outside of My Rating Range?

Generally speaking, you should play in a division within your range.  However, in some cases you may be able to play in a tournament division outside of your range.  In doubles, you can play half a level up in doubles as long as your doubles partner is at the higher range level.  The registration system will automatically enforce these rules.  If you finish in the top 25% of a division in one tournament, you may be eligible to play up a level in the next tournament.  We automatically grant you this “exception rating” (if applicable) at the completion of each tournament.

Thank you in advance for updating your Profile to get ready for a new season of Compass Draw Pickleball!  We are looking forward to continue growing this event and proving lots of fun, competitive Pickleball!


Tom Polk, Compass Draw Tournament Director

p.s.  If you have any questions, please email me here and I will be glad to help!  Also, please help get the word out about the Compass Draw to your Pickleball-playing friends (don’t they ALL play Pickleball by now?).  Thanks!