Suncoast Pickleball Events and Camps

(This is not an SJPA sponsored event or camps)

Hello, Pickleballers!
We have several upcoming events at Suncoast Pickleball that might interest you. In October, a pickleball training getaway in Turks and Caicos has been added to our events. In September, we have an advanced camp exclusive to 4.2+ high-level players. Our popular Montreat, NC, camps are coming in May and September. Join us in these festivities and have fun while you enhance your Pickleball skills. Live, eat, and train with the Pros.
See you on the courts, Coach Russell, Mindy, & Norm
Turks and Caicos Pickleball Getaway Vacation
Suncoast Turks and Caicos 2023
Train and Play in this Exclusive Pickleball Getaway Suncoast Pickleball is offering an exciting all-inclusive Pickleball training getaway vacation at the Beaches Sandals Resort in Turks and Caicos. Train in the mornings with certified pickleball professionals Coach Russell and Scott Tingley, and relax in the afternoons or enjoy snorkeling, jet skiing, boat rides, plus many more activities. Mingle with the group at nightly socials.
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4.2+ Advanced Pickleball Camp
4.2 Advance Camp 3 Flyer - Now Accepting Players
Don’t miss this chance to attend a training camp for advanced players. This exclusive camp is designed for advanced 4.2+ players and includes upper-level techniques and strategies to take you to the next level. The camp is unique and focuses on high-level play with 4.2+ players. Play is competitive, and the training focuses on advanced strategies to win the point. To attend, you must have a 4.2+ DUPR, UTPR, Pickleball Tournament rating of 4.2+, or the written recommendation of a Pickleball Pro. There are still openings for this camp, and now is your chance to sign up. If you are a high-level player and want to get to the next level, you don’t want to miss this camp!!!
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2023 Pickleball Camps at Montreat, NC
2023 SCPB Camps
Get Ready for Montreat 2023 Suncoast Pickleball is getting ready to start its Pickleball camp season at Montreat, NC beginning in the next few weeks. We are excited to provide the training in this residential camp and look forward to seeing everyone. Although the camps are sold out, you can still get on the waiting list without any obligation and possibly get into camp if someone cancels.
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