St James Pickleball Rating Criteria

Contact Kim Mihan in the Tennis Pro Shop at 910-477-8500 ext. 2010 to get rated.

This link to the PDF file is a working document in process. It’s not intended to be the end all & final word but a guide to help the reader/player better understand the variances within each level of play. It may be used as an aid for you to target areas in which you want to improve. Kim states that she has attempted to merge and process rating criteria through the subtle differences between the levels of play, as has been described by the USAPA, PPR, IPTPA, and the International Federation of Pickleball, into one document for our working reference. Kim said, “I realize this may be helpful for some and not others”.

Kim welcomes questions & comments.

Please note: If you have a documented rating from another pro or have achieved a documented rating from tournament play, these are all acceptable.

Kim’s Rating Rubric