SJPA Summer Fun League – Week 4

The St. James Pickleball Association (SJPA) Summer FUN League played its final game on the evening of Tuesday, June 28th, at the Rymer Courts.

We had 40 players who made up four mixed teams of players rated 2.5 or 3.0. With 8 courts and only 4 rounds of play this week to allow for an “end of season” Pizza Party.   

The teams were led by Captains Holly Ahrens – Blue Team, Rosemary Reinis – White Team, Barbara Shanley – Red Team and Mark Thuer – Gray/Purple/Green/Orange Team.  The emphasis was once again on fun with some friendly competition thrown in.

The White and Gray/Purple/Green/Orange teams tied this week.  Scoring averaged around 5 points each game and each game was capped at 11 points.  Two games ended in ties this week.  

Along with the pizza party, the final event ended with four separate raffles.  Prizes were won by Laura Geiger, Francesca Cariello, Caprice Black, and Tony Celeste. A beautiful wood and glass tray, made by Jay Schach, with an embroidered inlay made by Ray Reisen, was a very special prize awarded this week.

Thanks to everyone who played and everyone who helped coordinate and set-up the event.  

A special thanks to our team captains and Sandy Schach who organized the event!

Red Team
White Team
Blue Team
Gray-Purple-Green-Orange Team