SJPA Summer Fun League – Week 2 Results

Week two of the St. James Pickleball Association (SJPA) Summer FUN League was played on a beautiful, humid, “feels like 99 degrees” evening. Play was reduced to ten minutes per game to allow plenty of time for rest and hydration between matches.  Pickleball players are a determined and committed group of people!   

The White Team is on the court!

A little rest and rehydration between games.

We had 40 players who made up four mixed teams of players rated 2.5 or 3.0. With 8 courts and 6 rounds of play, each team played a total of 24 games in 1 ½ hours.   

The teams were led by Captains Holly Ahrens – Blue Team, Rosemary Reinis – White Team, Barbara Shanley – Red Team and Mark Thuer – Green Team (FNA – the Gray Team.  You’ll have to check with the team members to find out the reason for the color change).  The emphasis was once again on fun with some friendly competition thrown in.

The White Team prevailed this week, narrowly beating out two of the other teams.  Scoring averaged between 6 and 7 points each match and each match was capped at 11 points.  Six matches ended in ties this week.  

The event ended with a raffle.  Prizes were won by Jane McInerney and Cherie Nichols.

This week’s raffle included a test of Pickleball knowledge.  Three questions were asked:

  • What is another name for the kitchen? Answer: No volley zone.
  • When is it OK to step into the kitchen after hitting a Volley? Answer: Never.
  • Name one of the two faults that can occur at the kitchen line.  Answer: Serving and hitting the kitchen line is one. Touching the kitchen line with any part of your body including your paddle during the Volley Is a fault.

Thanks to everyone who played and everyone who helped coordinate and set-up the event.  

There are 2 more weeks of play on Tuesday nights during June from 5:30 to 7:00 pm.  Come on out to the Rymer Courts and watch some FUN Pickleball.