Procedures for Events Planning

Types of Events that Require Board Approval

Types of events that require Board approval: (on this page, an event can be, includes, covers, or refers to all events, socials, parties, or anything posted on the SJPA website):

  • Events that involve a cost. 
  • Events that require a fee. (Need to make board aware, may not require board approval)
  • Large Events requiring almost all courts to be reserved by Troon.
  • Events involving players outside St James.
  • Events involving a third party, from within, or outside St James.

Process for Event Planning with the Board

Event or Social Chair sends an email to the SJPA Board to approve the event. Chair(s) informs Board of all estimated costs associated with the event.

  • Any requested funds from the SJPA.
    • The capacity for the event.
    • Dates and times of the event.
  • Board approves or denies.
    • If approved, the President or Event Chair (with President’s approval) will contact Troon to reserve facilities (if needed).
    • The President and/or Event Chair, informs the Board and appropriate Chairs if the Event is approved and if facilities are reserved.
  • If approved, Chair sends Communications Chair an email to post the event.

Adding an Event to the Calendar on the Website:

  •  INDIVIDUALLY sponsored events do not need to be approved by Board (Only for Major events). Individual events such as men’s 3.5 group, do not require board approval: only Events Chair approval. 
  • You must be able to reserve your own courts (without conflicting with any other group). Troon reserved events have priority over all events.
  • Event must be for a minimum of 12 people.
  • Players MUST have a paid SJPA membership.
  • Players must have a Signature Sport or Golf membership.
  • The individual sponsors must review the Court Reservation Calendar and the SJPA website event calendar for conflicts before requesting an event time.
  • Use the “Contact Us” form found in the top level navigation bar located at the top of every page.

Information Needed to Create an Event

  2. DATE(S):  
  3. TIME: 
  4. DATE TO BEGIN COMMUNICATION OF THE EVENT (publish on SJPS website, posters up on courts, etc.):
  5. DESCRIPTION:  Please provide.  Prefer bullet format and not too long (people like to scan, not actually read).
    –Include things like rated players only/or open social for everyone, round robin format (?), competitive/fun play….
  6. REQUIREMENTS:  St James Sport/Golf member, SJPA member, 2.5 or 3.0 St James Rated Player (?) (anything else?)
  7. COST:  ??
  8. RAIN DATE(S):  Yes/No
  9. LOCATION: Rymer Courts
  10. REGISTRATION STARTS:  (need date)
  12. PICTURE/PHOTO/IMAGE or THEME: Do you want an image on the Event posting? What image(s) would you like on the bulletin/poster?  If you don’t have a preference, I can come up with something for the poster.


  1. REGISTRATION ENDS: Registration will end on the day of the event. 
  2. WAITLIST:  Waitlist is enabled. There is no limit on the number of players who can be waitlisted.  If a registered player unregisters, the first waitlisted player will automatically be moved to registered and they will receive an email notification.
  3. EMAIL NOTIFICATION: As the Event Organizer, you will receive an email notification as players register and unregister.
  4. SCHEDULED REMINDER:  Automatic reminders are sent 3 days prior to the event start and 1 day prior to the event start.