Open Pickleball Times

Sundays 1:00-2:30
Mondays 8:30-10:00
Tuesdays 1:00-2:30
Wednesdays (beginner to 2.0 level from 2:30-4:00)
Thursdays 8:30-10:00
Saturdays 8:30-10:00

Pickleball for Beginners

The Greg Rymer Memorial Pickleball Courts:  courts: 20 -23, will be reserved every Wednesday from 2:30 – 4:00 pm for beginner-level open pickleball. This is a time where beginners can drop by and play with others of a similar skill level. These events are open to Signature Sport and Golf members. Best news: there is no fee to attend, just drop by and check it out.

10 must know pickleball rules.

The #1 Move to AVOID in Pickleball

For any questions, or more information please contact the Tennis Shop at 910.477.8500 x 2010.