Nominees for 2023 SJPA Board Offices and Updates to By-Laws

NOTE: An email with a link to vote was sent to all eligible members.

We solicitated for 2023 SJPA Board Officers in October. Filling these positions is critical to the growth and success of pickleball in St. James in 2023. These three positions have received the following submissions and are running un-opposed.

For Vice President positionGeorge Johnson

My wife, Marion, and I moved to St. James in August 2019 and were introduced
to pickleball that fall. After COVID hit, pickleball became our primary activity. As we played, we formed many friendships and developed a love for the sport as
well as for the St. James pickleball community.

We joined the SJPA as soon as we heard about it, and we have enjoyed
participating in its social and on-court activities. I ran a pickleball ladder league
with sixteen 3.0-level men in spring 2021, was captain of one of the teams in the 2021 Summer Fun League, continue to run two weekly round-robin groups, and play with other groups whenever I can. I am currently on the SJPA “Saints” 3.5 intercommunity league team, where I enjoy competing in both the men’s and the mixed matches.

In my previous life I taught mechanical engineering at a university on the west
coast known for its philosophy and practice of “shared governance” between the faculty and the administration. This meant a lot of committee work throughout my 40-year career, with increasing levels of responsibility. My last committee work involved undergraduate admissions, a critical activity where, at this university, the faculty establish the parameters under which students are
admitted. I was chair of the campus admissions committee and later chair of the systemwide committee. This involved regular meetings with senior university administrators as well as navigating the differing needs of the nine
undergraduate campuses. I believe that both the faculty and the administration
viewed me as a creative problem solver, a good listener, and a consensus

I look forward bringing these qualities to the SJPA Board to help grow and
support the wonderful pickleball community at St. James

For Treasurer position: Kathy McArthur

I have been the treasurer of the SJPA since January of 2022. Previously I was a member of the St. James POA Finance Committee. My responsibilities included compiling the POA budget each year. In 2020 I was the Finance Committee liaison to the Safety & Security Committee. In 2021 I worked on the 30-year plan.

I have lived in St James for 5 years. Prior to moving to St. James I worked in Higher Education as a budget manager and eventually a finance director. I have a B.S. in Accounting from Fairfield University in Fairfield, CT.

For Secretary position: Mary Heatherly

I have been a Business professional with over 30 years of experience, including 20 years in management and a track record of high performance in human resources, project planning, operations, compliance, integrity, and leadership. During that time, I served on several Non-profit Boards, including the role of Board Secretary for a number of years. I have a BS in Accounting from Villanova University.

From 2016 until I retired in 2018, I served as the HR and Office Manager for a large mega church (50 employees and 90 acres of property.) I was able to bring much of my corporate experience to help develop processes and procedures that had not been previously documented.  As part of that body of work, I also participated in the weekly leadership meetings and was responsible for the detailed meeting minutes. 

I currently serve on the SJPA Social Committee as Secretary, documenting the detailed notes regarding the committee’s activities.

New Volunteers for our committees

Events & Tournaments: Jeff Franken
Social: Liz Wilson
Instruction: Christine Cournoyer

Changes made to the By-Laws for 2023

By-Laws were updated in July and must be approved. You can access and read a copy of the By-Laws on the SJPA website under the category Pickleball Docs. This is a Brief explanation of changes made to By-Laws: 

Three new board positions:
o Communications
o Social
o Tournament and Events
• Maximum term for the following is two years:
o Treasurer
o Secretary
o Communications
o Social
o Tournament and Events
• Maximum term for the president is one year since they already served 1 year as VP
• Committee Chairs and those participating, supporting, or assisting must be paid sport or golf members, members of SJPA, and residents of St James Plantation
• All media of any type and use of the logo must be approved

Copy of updated 2023 By-Laws waiting for approval from the association: