Luck of the Draw RESULTS

Karen Fania organized this event for the SJPA. A fun afternoon was had by all. Beautiful weather!

The game was this. Cards were limited to Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten and each person selected a card. The courts each had the corresponding card symbol on the fence, so players marched to the court matching their card.

Now the fun begins. You played three games on that court changing partners for each game. At the end of each game, Karen recorded your score, we hydrated, Karen reset the timer, and you played with the next person on your court. This continued until you finished playing with all three people. Then the process begins again by selecting a new card to see who your next three players would be.

Finally, based on the scores that Karen recorded, all your scores are totaled and the person with the highest total wins. The female winner was Andrea Tien and male winner was Al Hausmann.