Looking for More Tournament Play: Compass Draw Pickleball


The Compass Draw is a pickleball tournament that takes place over several months where players only need to play one match every two weeks. Players get lots of fun, competitive matches in the local Brunswick County area and compete for prizes. All matches are expected to be played at various pickleball courts within Brunswick County, NC.

With Compass Draw, we setup the matches for you along with the flexibility of only having to play one match every two weeks.

You and your opponent work out a timeslot that works for both of you. All of the other decisions, like Where do we play? and Who brings the balls? Have all been worked out.


Let’s face it, hanging outside the courts with a hopeful look on your face looking for a pickup match may not be the best use of your time.

The Compass Draw tournament brings together players from all around the local area and selects your opponents for you.

All you need to do is find a mutually agreeable time to play the match (within a two-week deadline) and then just play!

Looking for a doubles partner? No problem, we have a Partner Finder page to help you out!

Winners, Losers Move in a Bracket

A Compass Draw is a tournament draw that is divided up into 8 brackets, each bracket representing a point on a compass (i.e., North, South, North-East, etc.). When a player loses a match, he or she simply moves into a new bracket. ALL players get AT LEAST FIVE scheduled matches (most get even more).

See a full explanation how the brackets work on their website: https://compassdrawpickleball.com/about.aspx?BackPageURL=/default.aspx

Membership or signing up is free. If you want to participate in a tournament the cost is $20. When you register for an event, you can play with your partner or select a partner from their pool. If you want to get involved with more tournament play, join this website:
Compass Draw Brunswick