How to Subscribe to SJPA Communications

    Become a member of the St. James Pickleball Association (SJPA) to receive SJPA communications. Go to the Membership tab on the top of any page.

    Communications Preferences:

    • Go to:
    • Log in
    • In the navigation bar select “Clubs / Groups” drop down
    • In the drop down scroll down to “Sports”
    • It will slide out and drop down, then select “St James Pickleball Assoc.”
    • Just under the title you should see the word “Join”. This will include you on POA type communications about Pickleball.
    • NEXT
      • Click on MY PROFILE (should be at top of screen)
      • In the middle of the page you will see information about you. Click on EDIT in the bar that says: St. James Account Information   [Edit]
      • Under the bar that reads: “Account Information” you will see your email address – under your email address click the link that reads: Manage Email Preferences
      • Make sure both check boxes are checked:
        • General Correspondence
        • Group Correspondence
    • LASTLY
      • Same section: “St James Account Information” – find the row “What’s Up? Options” and select “Yes”
      • Scroll down the page and under the heading “Additional Information”
      • Find “Receive Sports Newsletter” and select “Yes”

    Receiving Too Many Email Notifications From the POA at St. James – then follow these directions to modify your settings.

    Please check your Preferences settings:

    • Go to:
    • Log in
    • Click on MY PROFILE (should be at top of screen)
    • On your Profile page, should be right hand side select MANAGE PROFILE
    • Under Title: Information & Settings – select: PREFERENCES: view and manage preferences and notifications settings for your account.

    Become a member of the St James Pickleball Association (SJPA)!