How to Get an Event Added to the Calendar

Process for adding an event to the calendar on the website:

  • Event must be approved by the Board.
  • You must be able to reserve your own courts (without conflicting with another group)!
  • Event must be for a minimum of 12 people.
  • Players MUST have a paid SJPA membership.
  • Players must have a Signature Sport or Golf membership.
  • We must review our calendar for conflicts.
  • Send your request to these three people:
    • Al Hausmann (Communications):
      • Include the necessary information:
        • Name or type of event
        • Date and time (Is it a onetime event or recurring? Recurring runs for 3 months only.)
        • Number of participants (minimum 12)
        • Description (including: mens, womens, mixed, level of play)
        • Owner / organizer / contact