From the President…July 2021

Happy Summer to All!  We have had a busy spring and summer so far. I’d like to talk a little about safety on the court. We all know that getting hit by an errant ball is sometimes unavoidable. Recently, we had an occurrence where a member was hit directly in the eye which necessitated a visit to an eye specialist for an eye injury. Please wear eye protection! Goggles require a minimal investment and can save you from serious injury. The other safety issue I’d like to address is heat safety. The weather is very hot and humid and will become increasingly so in the months to come. Please remember to bring lots of hydration, wear light clothing and take a break when you need one. We have put up the tent the SJPA purchased over the picnic table to provide some shelter from the sun. In the brown SJPA bin we have ice packs and an AED, which hopefully will not be needed.

A reminder about appropriate dress on the courts. While we are fairly informal as pickleball players, there is a racquet sports dress code established by Troon. Please wear court shoes, and appropriate apparel, which is: men wearing a shirt, women, please, no sports bras or bare midriffs while on court. If there are any questions, please feel free to refer to Troon’s guidelines on the website.

Reminders:  Please remember to cancel your court reservation if you find you cannot play. This will enable others to use the court. Please remember to pick up your trash when leaving the courts. Troon has provided us with two trash/recycling receptacles.

Now onto summer play. Troon has extended the play reservation times to 8:30 pm. Our first ever summer fun league is in full swing, as are the women’s 3.0 league and open play has been busy and well attended. Our first ever pool party was a great success and fun was had by all. We will have our first tournament in October. Be on the lookout for the sign-up which will be posted on the SJPA website on August 1st. This tournament will be awesome; it includes 3 days of play, a catered gourmet lunch by Troon and a full dinner at Members club.  If you are not rated, please see Kim to schedule an appointment. Please check our website frequently, as new events pop up frequently.

The bathrooms and electricity are coming!  During the last month, a lot of progress has been made. Keep up the faith!!

As always, please feel free to contact any member of the board with any questions, comments, or suggestions!  See you on the courts!!!

Andrea Velez