COSTA RICA Pickleball Getaway – 8 days / 7 NIGHTS ALL INCLUSIVE: Nov 3 – 10, 2021

Three days – a total of 16 hours ‘All-Inclusive’ pickleball experience and getaway.  Lead Pros:  Steve Kennedy, Robert Elliott

  • Camp is open to 3.0 – 4.0 skill level players.
  • Individuals are always placed in groups with others of similar skill-level.
  • Small group sizes are always guaranteed.
  • Personal attention is given to improve your game (One-on-one time with the Pro instructors).
  • Playing strategies are the key focus (so you always leave playing better).

Learn from some of the Best Instructors in the Game. The TeamEngage Pros. 

Some of the key topics you will be learning:

  • The Net Game.  Dinking Strategies and moving the ball around.
  • Coming to the Net.  3rd Shot Drops.  When to drop and when to drive.
  • How to defend against the hard hitters (slowing the ball down).
  • How to attack when you are at the net (volleys, roll-shots and put-aways).
  • How to hit the ball from the baseline.
  • When and how to lob.  How to defend against the lobbers.
  • How to use the serve & return as a weapon.
  • Court positioning and how to use your positioning to your advantage.


  • Summary: This is a 8 day (7 nights) getaway with 3-days of pickleball instruction (16+ total hours of instruction).  Players will be grouped into similar skill levels. 
  • Open Play:  There will be times available for Open Play too.
  • Participants:  Limited to enjoy active participation.  4-5 individuals per court (similar skill levels will be grouped together on each court).
  • Cost of Camp:  Includes (1) FREE Engage paddle of your choice ($55 up-charge for the Poach / 6.0 line of paddles, $35 for the Elite Pro line of paddles or $10 for the Encore Pro line).
  • Cost of All-Inclusive Stay at Tilajari Resort (  Includes free/unlimited food and transportation (including to and from the resort).  Unlimited alcohol package is an additional $220 per person.

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