Battle of the Paddle Tournament: FINAL NOTES and PICTURES

Hurricane Ian was bearing down on us Friday and just when we thought the weekend tournament was going to be called off due to rain, Saturday and Sunday were beautiful! The sellout crowd of players came out bright and early Saturday morning starting at 8 am. They kicked off the tournament with pickleball skills. Break for pizza at midday. More pickleball skills in the afternoon. And tournament pickleball throughout Sunday.

Special thanks to Scott Hettinger for all his efforts and planning. Thanks to all of the captains that organized their teams: Kathy Rollins, Kathy McArthur, Laurie Morgan, and Cindy Hettinger.

Also thanks to Carolyn Gaziano for taking all the action photos.

We have a nice selection of photos below that you can click through. There are many more photos available by clicking on the link that goes to Google photos:

Individual Top Scorers in the skill competition

Court 16  Deep Serve: Dan Heatherly                                                          Score 17
Court 17  Deep Return: Donna Cinotti                                                         Score 25
Court 18 3rd Shot Drop:  Al Hausmann                                                         Score 43
Court 19 Ski Ball: Leslie Saralind, Rich Badis & Dan Heatherly                Score 400
Court 20 Lob: Fred Ammann & Joe Beitz                                                     Score 42
Court 21 Volley: Scott Hettinger                                                                   Score 84
Court 22 Cross Court Drive: Lisa Boggs                                                        Score 5
Court 23  Straight Drive: Fred Ammann, Ron Walter, Dan Heatherly    Score 5
                                             Lisa Boggs, Rick Depetris & Virginia Brown

 Skills Competition  Combined Total Individual Points 7 skills Minus Ski Ball

1st Place  Blue Dragon  Joe Giese                                     Total Score  140
2nd Place  Capt Morgan’s Pickled Pirates Steve Tien    Total Score  138
3rd Place  Dinking Buddies Dan Heatherly                      Total Score  132

 Team Scores in the skills competition  (top 25 scores per team)

1st Place Team__Blue Dragons                   Score  2057     
2nd Place Team Capt Morgan’s Pirates      Score 1790      
3rd Place Team  Dinking Buddies                Score 1744       
4th Place Team  Fireballs                              Score 1659       

Overall Team Score

1st Place Team  Blue Dragons                                                Total Points  101
2nd Place Team  Dinking Buddies                                          Total Points    93
3rd Place Team_Captain Morgan’s Pickled Pirates             Total Points    87
4th Place Team  Fireballs                                                          Total Points    68

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