Mixed-Up Doubles – March 22 – PICTURES

Thanks to Joe Bietz for putting together such a fun event and to Lee Mcginn, and Andrea Velez for volunteering their time and doing a great job of moving things along.

Even the rain and cold held off, making it a perfect night for Pickleball! 

The event included around 40 players of all levels, playing MIXED UP DOUBLES. Truly mixed up and random assignments using paddle stacking.  There were many players who do not normally play together, playing together.  There were lots of great introductions throughout the evening and it was really cool to see everybody enjoying their games.

This was truly an example of what Pickleball is all about in St James…..HAVING FUN!

This is going to be a recurring event that will get even better going forward!

We would again like to thank Carolyn Gaziano for taking the time to capture the fun!

St. Patrick’s Day Event Pictures

Nothing but positive feedback.  Even the very strong gusts of wind could not put a damper on the day.  

People brought great food and great fun.  It was really fantastic to see all the SJPA members having such a fun time playing. 

Great job to Andy and Kathy Goliszek for laying all the groundwork leading up to this event.  We were sorry not to see them there due to a last-minute illness and sincerely hope all is well.

A very big THANK YOU to Joe Bietz, Andrea Velez and Robyn Smith for jumping right in to save the day.  They did a wonderful job of getting the day all set up and keeping things running smoothly.

We all also owe a big THANK YOU to Carolyn Gaziano, who took a lot of pictures during the event. Here is a link to all of the photos that Carolyn took:

Again, many thanks again to Andy, Kathy, Robyn, Andrea and Joe for a fantastic team effort putting together a great event.

Children’s Cancer PARTNERS of the Carolinas

Bids & Bites

Auction Event to Benefit Children’s Cancer Partners of the Carolinas
Enjoy drinks and heavy appetizers while bidding on unique items & fun experiences.
–3 ways to bid
–Silent & Live auctions

Examples of auction items include a custom painting of your home by Bett Lewis, a week’s stay in a privately owned Beech Mtn cabin, Regional air tours, restaurant & retail gift cards, self-care experiences and so much more.

Thursday, March 23
Members Club  6:00 – 9:00 pm
$35 SJTA Members  $40 Non-SJTA Members
–Cash bar

To register click here

All auction proceeds benefit Children’s Cancer Partners: This event is part of

And Sponsored by:

Pickleball Camp June 2023 – Sponsored by The Clubs At St James – Registration opens: 4/17/23

(This is not an SJPA event)


Save the date: June 3 & 4 — 3.0 Level Players
Save the date: June 5 & 6 — 3.5+ Level Players

The Clubs At St James first Pickleball Camp coming in June featuring nationally recognized teaching pros and players!

Certified Teaching Pros & Tournament Players:
Mindy Yoder, Scott Tingley, Bob White & Kim Mihan

Each camp will be two days, 5 hours of instruction each day.

Maximum of 32 spots available for each camp.
COST: $250 Per Player – Payment due at the time of registration.

Contact Kim Mihan for Registration.

St. Patrick’s Day Social Play

Join us for this open social / fun play to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!
St. Patrick’s Day Social Play: March 17 2023 at 2:30 pm – 5:30 pm

  • Games will be to 9 points with paddle-stacking
  • Stay and play as long as you’d like
  • Please bring a food item to share with other players (this is in addition to an item for the Food Drive)
  • This is a free event
  • There is no rain date
  • REMEMBER: After registration limit is reached you can still sign up and be added to the wait list. Whenever anyone unregisters, the next wait listed person automatically becomes registered and is notified that they are now registered.

Sunshine Committee sponsored food drive:The Sunshine Committee is sponsoring a food drive to benefit the Southport Oak Island Interchurch Fellowship Food Pantry (SOIIFFP). There will be collection bins placed at the Rymer courts during the event.

I can’t miss this event, take me to the sign up page now.


Hello to all of our 503 St. James Pickleball Association (SJPA) members, at this early point in the year! Here we are nearing the end of February with a few fun, successful events behind us, and lots more to come. 

Our Winter Dance was fabulous with lots of dancing to great music provided by The Salty Dawgs! To top it off, we raised over $3,200 for Matthew’s Ministry! Thanks to the Social Committee for a well-organized event. The beautiful raffle baskets were a huge hit! We are looking forward to many more awesome social events this year.

Mother Nature did not cooperate for our Winter Classic Pickleball event, which had to be canceled. Almost a wash-out, our Valentine’s Pickleball Social ended up being a big success! (Many thanks to the Events committee members who spent more than an hour rolling the courts!) Laughter, yummy food, and fun pickleball ensued – and the weather cooperated. Our Events and Tournaments committee is hard at work planning more excellent activities to enjoy this year.

Coming in March, Kim has a pro-night planned on the 2nd, so, mark your calendars.

The popular Progressive Dinner is on the 16th, a St. Patrick’s Day Pickleball Social on the 17th, and then something new to our repertoire, “Mixed Up Doubles” social pickleball will be on the 22nd. More details will be on our website. 

Our awesome webmaster and Board member, Al Hausmann, and his side-kick Diana Kelly, keep us all “in the know,” with a jam-packed website, http://www.stjamespickleball.com.   One feature we’ve recently added is a “ST. JAMES PICKLEBALL ASSOCIATION – 2023 CALENDAR of EVENTS,” so you can see the activities that our committees have planned and easily update your calendar! Be sure to check out the website frequently, so you don’t miss the latest happenings on and off the courts planned for this year.

Membership is still growing! Every month, Christine Cournoyer and her army of volunteers, welcomes 20 or more folks to the “New To Pickleball” event. Then Christine runs a “Beginners Pickleball” every week, teaching the basics to those who catch the pickleball “bug.” This wonderful service provided by our volunteers helps our newbies learn the game and find other players at their level, so they can enjoy the game we all love to play!

Our Sunshine Committee, Chaired by Kathy Goliszek, has been very busy, and we hear great reviews from our members who are recipients of their cards, meals, and support when injuries, surgeries, illness, etc. arise. This committee also coordinates food collections at different events throughout the year on behalf of the Southport-Oak Island Interchurch Fellowship Food Pantry (SOIIFC), who is so grateful for the generous donations and support of the SJPA. 

The roll out of the new, Troon Chelsea reservation system (is that a groan I hear?) has been challenging, to say the least. That being said, it seems like folks are getting the hang of the system, in spite of the frustrations as we adjust to this new product. We will be approaching our Club Management about the possibility of some improvements to the system, to make it more user friendly, and will keep you updated.

Another recent addition is the Dynamic Universal Pickleball Rating (DUPR). We are optimistic that this system and its complex algorithm will assist with obtaining reliable ratings that will be useful for our players as they participate in SJPA events, as well as tournaments, ladders, and other events outside of SJPA. Since DUPR is new to most of us, we are anxious to get to that 60th game entry that will (hopefully) give us a realistic rating.

Your SJPA board and committees are working diligently on your behalf, to make 2023 a momentous year. As we strive to provide a well-rounded pickleball program, Board Members: President (me): Deb Chiarello – oversee the various events and activities, VP: George Johnson, Treasurer: Kathy McArthur, Secretary: Mary Heatherly, Communications: Al Hausmann, Tournaments and Events: Jeff Franken, Social: Liz Wilson. 

I continue to represent the SJPA on the Troon Sports Advisory Committee, where we work with our Club management to provide an excellent pickleball experience for our Club members. We are listening to you, and continue to make recommendations for expansion, improvements, and maintenance at our facilities.

Most importantly, we are thankful for each and every one of you, and appreciate your enthusiasm and support. Please feel free to contact me, or any of our board members, if you have questions, concerns, or suggestions. I look forward to seeing you on the courts! 

All the best!
Deb Chiarello,
SJPA President


WARM UP BEGINS: 5:30 pm: Greg Rymer Courts

You are all invited to come watch an evening of great match play from some of our best local teaching pros and tournament players.

Bring a chair and watch court side as the players battle and show you their moves, power, misdirects, speed & versatility.

Play will include Women’s & Men’s doubles & Mixed doubles.

Welcome the Pros:
Keegan Bigoness, Henry Boyle, Jesse Simon, Tristan Smith
Jean Hamilton, Kim Mihan, Erica Penny, Gaby Schneider


North Carolina Senior Games and SilverArts

Check out the North Carolina Senior Games and SilverArts which are being held in April and May 2023. There are over 70 activities/categories!

This is a great opportunity for seniors (50 and up) to participate in friendly competition and lots of fun events and artistic endeavors!  We are hoping you and people in your group(s) would like to participate. Could you please help us spread the word?

Here is the link to the Brunswick County website for more information and registration.  https://bcparks.recdesk.com/Community/Page?pageId=7961

Please let us know what questions you may have and if you would like to contact us please do not hesitate to do so.  We have additional paper registration copies at the community center, or we can deliver some to you.  

Thank you for your time!

Gary and Christine Ettl-Mlynek 
NC Senior Games Ambassadors


Introduction to DUPR for St. James Players

There has been a lot of discussion and apprehension regarding DUPR over the past few weeks. The document below is designed to answer as many questions and address as many concerns as we can.

There are several groups that are currently “testing” and evaluating DUPR. Until we can gather enough data from these groups, along with SJPA member feedback, to make an educated decision on how to proceed with ratings, all SJPA events that require a rating may allow any combination of the following ratings requirements: no rating, self-rating, Troon rating, and/or DUPR rating. The rating requirement will be made very clear in each individual SJPA event posted on the events section of the website.

DUPR is new to all of us, and we will all learn together how this works. Please feel free to approach any of the SJPA committee members and we will try to answer any questions you might have.

We want to ensure that every member of the SJPA continues to enjoy the game as much as we do!

Deb Chiarello
SJPA President


Why are we even doing DUPR?
DUPR is an integral part of developing a complete Pickleball program for the SJPA. This will give members who desire to play in tournaments outside of St. James an opportunity to do so and also provides members an alternate rating system that is based on actual performance metrics and is currently growing in popularity, globally.

Do I have to join DUPR to participate in SJPA events?
Only if you desire to play in one of a limited number of SJPA sponsored DUPR specific events.

Will SJPA be sponsoring events that will allow me to improve my DUPR rating?
Yes, there will be some events for people who are interested in developing and or growing the reliability of a DUPR rating and for those you will need to sign up for DUPR These may be in the form of a league or a ladder.

Which rating do I use when registering for an event: my Troon rating, my DUPR Rating or my Self Rating?
Ratings requirements will be clearly defined in the event announcement. No mention of ratings means that the event is open to any level of player, including non-rated players.

When I sign up for DUPR what should I use as my location?
We are recommending that you choose Southport, NC as your location.

DUPR 101 Tutorial

What is DUPR?

  • DUPR (Dynamic Universal Pickleball Rating). Currently, it’s the only dynamic rating system available for club’s recreational, league and tournament play. All other rating systems (UTPR, WPR, PBR, etc.) are for sanctioned and non-sanctioned tournaments only.
  • All players, regardless of their age, gender, location, or skill, are rated on the same scale between 2.00-8.00 based on their actual match results.
  • There are 2 types of ratings in DUPR: doubles and singles.
  • DUPR has an app for iOS and Android users: both are very user friendly, or you can use a web browser for access.
  • DUPR is free, and anyone can have a rating. One match result is all it takes to have a DUPR rating, and 5-10 match results is all it takes to have an even more accurate rating. The more you play and post scores, the more accurate your rating becomes.
  • DUPR is currently updating its ratings once a week, however, there are plans in the near future to go to real-time updates.
  • Special Note: Cape Fear Intercommunity League and Compass Draw Leagues are also adopting DUPR and will require all players participating in their 2023 leagues to have DUPR ratings. If any of you are planning to play competitive matches in any of the intercommunity leagues this year, it’s not too early to start establishing your DUPR rating.

How do I sign up for DUPR?

Go to myDUPR.com to set up your free account. 

  • All you need to enter is your name, age, phone number, email, gender, location, and a password. 
    • Tips when setting up your DUPR account:
      • Make sure to enter your “age” and not your birth year or you will be 1965 years old.
      • Please use Southport as your location.
    • Also, remember to download the app to your phone or tablet (iOS or android) for quick access when entering scores… or you can just visit myDUPR.com website.

How do I post a game/match score in DUPR?

  • If you are using the DUPR app, look at the bottom of your home screen to find your account functions (Home, Players, Add Match, Clubs, Events). If you’re using the DUPR site, your accounts functions are located on the left side of your home screen. To log a score, click on “Add Match” and a new menu will pop up and will ask you for Match Details
  • Match Date… what was the date you played your match.
    • Location: where was your match played. If at Rymer, we recommend choosing Southport.
    • Event Name: this is optional and can be left blank. You can name your event anything you want to help you recognize if you were playing in a ladder or specific group. The name of the event will not affect your rating.
    • Select either Singles or Doubles.
    • You can ONLY enter matches that you have played in
    • Team 1 will be you and your partner. Your name is automatically populated, so just click on “Add your partner” and a new menu pops up for you to search for your partner. Once you find your partner, click the little circle to the left of your partner’s name, and then click on the blue “Add Player” button in the upper right-hand corner. This will bring you back to the “Add a Match” page and you will now see your partner’s name listed next to your name.
    • Now you’re ready to enter your game score under “Game 1” and then enter your opponent’s score in the box below it.
    • Team 2 will be your two opponents. Click on “Add Your Opponent” and a new menu pops up for you to search for your opponents. Once you find your opponent, click on the little circle to the left of your opponent’s name, and click on the blue “Add Player” button in the upper right-hand corner. Repeat this process again for the other opponent. You can hit the blue + sign to add another game to the match, provided it is with the same players. If there are only two games in the match and there is one winner and one loser, DUPR will not allow that to be entered. In that situation, you will have to enter each game under a separate match. DUPR requires a clear match winner (best 2 out of 3 games) for multiple games. If the same team wins both games in the match, the scores will be accepted. If you play three games under one match, there will always be a clear match winner.
    • Double Check that everything is correct before you hit “Submit”. Double check the date, location, event, doubles or singles, all 4 players are listed         correctly, and the scores are correct… then hit “Submit” at the bottom of the page, and you’re done!  You just logged your first game!
    • Once a game/match has been submitted, it remains in a “Pending” status until such time that one of your opponent’s reviews and validates it.

In order to log a game score in DUPR, all 4 players on the court must have DUPR accounts. The winning team is normally responsible for logging the score in DUPR, but that’s up to you. Just be sure that only one person logs the score, so you don’t have duplicates of the same game being entered.

What if I realize I made a mistake after submitting the game/match?

If by chance you hit submit and then realize there was an error in the score, or you had the wrong players listed, you can still delete a game that has a “Pending” status, and then submit it again. Do this by going back to your home screen, then scroll down and click on your “Match History”. Your most recent game should be on the top… from there, you should see a red X delete button next to the posted game. Click “delete” and the game should be removed.


This delete option will only work if the match is still in a “Pending” status and your opponents have NOT validated or confirmed the score.

How do I Validate a match?

Once a game/match score has been posted on DUPR both opponents will be notified via email that a match was posted, and they will be asked to go to their DUPR accounts and “Validate” the match.

  • Only one opponent needs to validate the match. Opponents should log in to their DUPR app and scroll down and click on “Match History”.
  • You will see all your matches that have been posted… the most recent ones will be at the top of the list. Look for the match that needs to be validated (it will have a blue validate button in the upper right-hand corner).
  • Before you click the “Validate” button, double check that all data is correct… especially the players” names, scores, and also double check to be sure that this game/match is not a duplicate of one that was already posted by another person. If there is any error or question, DO NOT VALIDATE…contact the player who posted the match and have them make the necessary corrections. This is very important because once you click “Validate” the match is no longer in our control. If an error is found after being validated, you will need to contact DUPR support staff to correct.
  • If everything is correct, click the “Validate” button, and click “Validate Match” again.

How do I delete a match?

For Self-Posted Matches:

  • For “Pending” matches: If a player posts a match and then discovers there is an error, they can delete any “Pending” match and then reenter it with the correct information. Again, this only works if the match is still “Pending” and has NOT been validated.
  • For Validated matches: Once the score is validated it’s officially logged in to DUPR and no longer in your control. Any corrections after it’s been validated will require DUPR support staff members. If this happens, you will need to submit a match deletion request by emailing DUPR support staff at support@mydupr.com. You’ll need to explain the problem and provide the support staff with the “Match ID” so they know which match score needs to be deleted or corrected. The “Match ID” is found in your “Match History” and is located to the left of the match you posted. All players. in the match will receive an email from DUPR support staff regarding the match deletion request. At least one. of the requestor’s opponents must confirm that the match should be deleted, after which DUPR support staff will delete the match.

How does the DUPR algorithm work? 

DUPR uses a modified Elo algorithm that utilizes a player’s (singles) or (doubles) eligible matches to calculate the rating. The algorithm considers three factors:

  • Margin of Victory: How many points did you win against your opponent?
  • Outcome: Did you win or lose the match?
  • Type of Result: Was this a self-posted rec play or a league match, or was it posted by tournament staff for a non-sanctioned or a sanctioned tournament result?

DUPR’s Elo algorithm (which is based on statistical estimation) assigns an “Expected Value” (EV) or expected outcome of points for each team based on you and your partner’s rating, as well as your 2 opponent’s ratings. If you exceed your EV, then your rating will go up, if you underperform or fall short of your EV, then your rating will go down. For example, let’s say player A and player B “expected value” was to win the game against player C and player D by 11-4, but the actual score ended up being 11-8. Even though player A and player B won the game, they fell short of what the algorithm was forecasting by 4 points… so their rating would go down slightly. On the other hand, since player C and player D exceeded their “expected value”, their rating would go up, even though they lost the match. So, the takeaway here is every point counts… win or lose!

The algorithm’s calculations are only as good as the data it has to work with when you first start logging game scores. Everyone will start with a “Provisional Rating” meaning that the algorithm has limited data points to fully calculate a reliable and statistically sound rating. Since very few people in SJ have ratings right now, the algorithm doesn’t have a lot of data to work with, so its statistical confidence is going to be low initially. As you begin to post more games, the algorithm will have more data points to use in its calculation and can deliver a more statistically sound rating (which DUPR calls a “Reliable” rating). When the “Reliable” rating happens depends on how many games you played and with how many different people you played, as well as how often. The more interconnectivity you have with other players the faster you will get a “Reliable” rating. If you play and post 60 games in a couple of months with a broad range of players, you have a high likelihood of getting that “Reliable” rating. If you don’t play for an extended period of time, your rating could drop back to a “Provisional” rating. No worries… just start playing and posting your games to get that “Reliability” rating back.

What if I’m unrated and I play against other unrated players?

That’s okay! Those scores will still retroactively count once you or the other players play against someone who does have a DUPR rating. This is called “connectivity”. The more variety of players you play with, the greater the connectivity to the system, and the more accurate your rating gets. For a period of time, you are interconnected with all of the players that you recently played with or against. So, if one of those players gets their first rating by actually playing a rated player, that data trickles back to you and your rating. It also works when someone you recently played with, has an outstanding game(s) and wins big over a highly rated player… their rating obviously goes up because they exceeded their expected value by a large margin… but you will also see a slight change in your rating because you played with or against that individual. DUPR algorithm passes a numerical calculation (good or bad) retroactively to other connected players through interconnectivity. 

Can my DUPR change even though I haven’t been playing?

Absolutely. Just because you’ve stopped playing doesn’t mean the broader “pool” of players has stopped. For example, if you outperform the “Expected Value” of the algorithm against a player and then they proceed to also outperform the “Expected Value” of the algorithm in subsequent matches, you will benefit from their performance, even if you had stopped playing.

Which matches do not count towards my DUPR?

  • Matches where partners are rated with a difference greater than 1.50. For example, if a 5.25 rated player partners with a 3.45 rated player, the match would be excluded
  • Matches wherein the average rating of each team is greater than a difference of 1.0. For example, if two 5.25 rated players play against two 4.00 rated players, the match would also be excluded.
  • Matches where neither player/team reaches at least six (6) points are also excluded.

**Excluded matches will still show up in a player’s match history but will not be reflected in a player’s calculated DUPR rating.

How often should I check my rating?

Initially, maybe check your rating once a month. If you check it every week, you are going to see a lot of variation in your number until you have posted a sufficient number of games for DUPR to give you a “Reliable” and statistically sound rating.

Bottom line… just keep playing and posting your scores. Be patient… in time you will start to see the numbers settle in and the numerical calculation will show a high level of confidence in your rating number. The more you play, the more accurate your rating becomes!!!


A very exciting and successful evening full of music, raffles and friends.

THANKS to The Salty Dawgs band, the headliner for the evening, donating all their time and music to a worthy cause.

All together from the $10 admission fee and $1810 collected from the raffle baskets, the SJPA raised a total of $3325 for Matthew’s Ministry. The Social Committee did an excellent job organizing the event.

Matthew’s Ministry began in August 2010 when a teacher submitted a prayer request to a local Moms In Touch group. The prayer stated, “Please pray for a child in my class that does not have food at home to eat.” Kristie Disbrow, a local mom, returned to the teacher and asked if her family could donate food to help this child. She quickly learned that many children in the school did not have food at home. Kristie emailed friends, told them about this need, and set up a collection bin on her porch. Many donated food to this cause, and teachers, social workers, and guidance counselors distributed food to hungry children and their families. 

Cape Fear Intercommunity Pickleball League (CFIPL)

This is a continuation of the league that we participated in last year. It is NOT an SJPA sponsored event. It is an opportunity to participate in a friendly, social, and competitive pickleball league.

Registration for these events will end on January 27. Matches begin the week of March 13th.

If you are interested in joining this league you must:

*All players, including substitutes, must register on DUPR: https://mydupr.com. When you register you will be asked to provide your community. Enter: Southport

*Register on https://stjamespickleball.com and provide your contact information. Registration will end on Friday, January 27th.

Requirement: Signature Sport or Golf member

Teams will be formed according to your rating 3.0 – 4.0 range (4.0 players will be included in all the communities participating). If you do not have a rating, you can self-rate for this league. DUPR will begin recording your scores as soon as you register, and you will get a provisional rating.  The more matches you play, the more accurate your rating becomes.  You do not have to wait for the league to start logging your scores. It is strongly suggested that you begin to use DUPR as soon as possible.

Matches will begin the week of March 13th and end in May. More information will be provided to those who are selected to play. Not everyone that registers will be assigned to a team. It will depend on the number of registrations and your rating.

Registration for the Spring Compass Draw Pickleball Tournament Now Open! (Tournament Starts February 15)

Registration for the Spring Compass Draw Pickleball Tournament Now Open! (Tournament Starts February 15).

Here is the link to the landing page video for the Brunswick Pickleball tournament league: SEE HOW THIS PICKLEBALL TOURNAMENT WORKS

Don’t let the cold weather fool you, warmer temperatures are just around the corner!  Time for some fun, competitive Pickleball in Brunswick!  The Spring Compass Draw Pickleball Tournament League starts on February 15th (great way to work off that Valentine’s Day candy) and registration is now open!

We have several important tournament updates. 

Shortening the rounds.  Based on feedback we got from the players, we are shortening the rounds from 14 days down to 10 days.  This should help keep things moving along quickly while still giving ample time for flexible scheduling. 

Flexible subbing.  With shorter rounds, we expect there will be an increased need for using subs for team members from time to time.  Please use this option rather than forfeiting your matches.  Subs can be anyone as long as the gender and rating are consistent with the parameters of the division.  Some restrictions may apply to semi-final and final matches.  

Register with DUPR.  We are encouraging all players to register with DUPR (Dynamic Universal Pickleball Rating).  This is totally free and signing up is easy (https://mydupr.com/).  Once you register, you can enter your Compass Draw game scores in to the system and it will then first give you a provisional rating and then, when you have entered more games, a more stable rating.  We will post a video demonstrating how to do this soon.

Update your rating.  Before you can register for a division, you will first need to update your Profile and verify that the rating range we have for you is correct.  This is also your opportunity to correct your rating, either based on your DUPR rating or just based on how you have been playing.  Once you change it, it is locked down again until the start of the next tournament.

Website videos:
Here is the link to the “What the heck is a compass draw” video:

This is where we will post useful videos about how to register for doubles, how to enter scores, working with DUPR, etc.  We already have our first video “What the heck is a Compass Draw?” posted (see below).  This is a useful video to help you, or your friends interested in the Compass Draw, understand how this tournament works.

For the Spring Compass Draw, we are offering the following divisions ($20 per player):

— Women’s 3.0 Doubles. This is open to women in the 2.75-3.24 rating range who want to play against other all-women doubles teams.  While competitive, this division is intended for the casual player.

–Women’s 3.5+ Doubles. This is open to women in the 3.25-4.5 rating range who also want to compete against other all-women doubles teams.  It is intended for the higher-level players looking for a bit more competition.  It is also a great way to prepare for sanctioned Pickleball tournaments.

–Men’s 3.0 Doubles. This is open to men in the 2.75-3.24 rating range who want to play against other men’s doubles teams.  While competitive, this division is intended more for the casual player.

–Men’s 3.5+ Doubles. This is open to Men in the 3.25-4.5 rating range who want to compete against other men’s doubles teams.  It is intended for the higher-level players looking for a bit more competition.  It is also a great way to prepare for sanctioned Pickleball tournaments.

–2.5 CO-ED Doubles.  This division is for players who may be relatively new to Pickleball.  This is the first stop to get some fun competition in a low-stress environment.  It is open to teams of two women, two men, or one woman-one man. 

–3.0 Mixed Doubles.  This division is for fun, competitive play with a social aspect.  Many of the players you typically see on the local courts probably fit into this category.  Teams consist of one man and one woman.  NOTE:  We reserve the right to make this a CO-ED division if necessary to increase participation numbers.

–3.5+ Mixed Doubles.  This is a new division aimed at the more experienced players who are looking for higher-level competition.  It is also a great way to prepare for sanctioned Pickleball tournaments. Teams consist of one man and one woman.  NOTE:  We reserve the right to make this a CO-ED division if necessary to increase participation numbers.

–Other divisions may be offered as needed.  Looking for something different?  Let us know and, if we think we can get at least 8 teams, we will add it!