2023 Board Members and Descriptions

2023 Board Members:
President: Deb Chiarello
Vice President: George Johnson
Treasurer: Kathy McArthur
Secretary: Mary Heatherly
Communications: Al Hausmann
Tournaments and Events: Jeff Franken
Social: Liz Wilson

Committee Chairs are Listed Below:
Instruction: Christine Cournoyer
Sunshine Committee: Kathy Goliszek

SJPA Board Positions and Descriptions

President oversees board meetings and communicates with The Clubs at St James management, setting dates as needed, sets forth any ad hoc committees as needed, and ensures that all programs and general club activities are followed in accordance with the bylaws. Develops a long term strategy for SJPA operations.

Vice President
Vice President oversees all social events and creates a social committee to help in the planning and execution of these events throughout the year. Vice President automatically becomes President the following calendar year.

Treasurer manages the checking account, provides a yearly budget for the board, along with a monthly accounting of all funds to the board. The treasurer accepts all membership payments and works with Communications to keep membership list up to date. Treasurer may set up a committee as needed to complete work.

Secretary takes minutes of all board meetings, reminds board members of meetings, and keeps a log of all board items pending and completed.

Communications Director maintains the club electronic registration and membership lists, as well as all electronic communication between board and members. Communications may set up a committee as needed to complete all work.

Social Director works with the Board to develop social events to benefit the SJPA membership. Works with community professionals, and vendors for social events and organizes volunteers to support and promote events. Works closely with Communications, Tournaments and Events Chair(s).

Tournaments and Events
Tournaments and Events Director oversees any instructional classes offered to members, as well as club equipment at courts and at club social events. Competition Director may set up a committee as needed to complete work.

Committee Chairs:

Instruction Director works closely with the Tournaments and Events Director to implement ongoing Pickleball events. Plan, organize, and run instruction events to include reserving the pickleball courts, publicizing events and confirming attendance. Solicit and organize additional volunteers as needed to support instruction events.

Sunshine Committee
The goal of the Sunshine Committee is to provide a little sunshine to SJPA members who’ve experienced an illness, injury, or loss of an immediate family member.